Cafe by the Lake


Small Breakfast

1 cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate, 1 pastry of your choice £3.90

Breakfast à la Française
1 Latte, 1 Croissant with butter and jam or honey £4.90

Fitness Breakfast
1 cup of eco grain coffee
Cereal with milk, 1 bread roll with butter and honey £5.90

German Style Breafast
Assorted bread rolls with butter and jam or honey £3.50

Schmidts Breakfast
Assorted bread rolls with butter and jam or honey, 1 boiled egg £4.20

Big Breakfast
1 glass of of orange juice, assorted bread rolls,
1 boiled egg, ham, butter, jam or honey £8.90

Mediterranean Breakfast
Assorted bread rolls, Serrano-Ham-Salami-Mozzarella-Platter,
1 boiled Ei, tomato, cucumber and olives, butter and fresh cheese £9.90

The Duo (for two)
Assorted bread rolls, ham-cheese-platter, butter and
jam or honey, 2 boiled eggs, 1 Piccolo £17.80

Tomato Soup


Tomato Soup
with cream and crispy bread £3.90

Chicken Soup

with crispy bread £3.90

Goulash Soup
with bun £3.90

Two Sausage
with bun £5.90

Bavarian Weißwürste
with pretzel and sweet mustard £7.00

Ham Roll

Cheese Bun


Chicken Salad
with toast and butter £7.70


Cup of organic coffee
with milk vanilla foam £2.30

Indian Chai of green or black tea
with spices and soy milk £3.30

Glass of Darjeeling tea
with lemon or milk  £2.30

Pot of loose tea
Choose from 17 different black and green teas £4.90

Glass fruit, peppermint, chamomile, rose hips or herbal tea


Cappuccino with milk


Cappuccino with cream


Soy Cappuccino




© Café by the Lake – pictures by Johannes Elze – made with rukzuk